Week 2-Artist Interview- MACCABEE SHELLEY

20150129_112827 20150129_11333820150129_112839

This week, I got the chance to visit some of the arts that were being shown in the art gallery.  However, 1 specific art stood out the most for me and was created by the man in the picture named Maccabee Shelley.  His first interest in art comes from working in ceramics-working with clay.  He had been working with clay since 2007 and hasnt stopped since.  But what got his attention lately was glass.  He had started out just as an experiment, but soon grew to love it.  He has worked with glass for 9 months and has shown no signs of ever stopping.  He told me and the classmates that were interested in his art that while working with his art, he ( and to other artists who are interested in these types of arts) should forget about expectations because it would only limit the creation of a magnificent art.  He emphasizes the use of imagination because in this line of art, or any art for that matter, requires it, and with it, great things can come about.  He told us that even a small piece of work requires a lot of effort, let alone big pieces that are shown here in this blog.  His process of making art is quite rigorous and time consuming.  He starts out finding and digging out glass bottles out of the dumpsters, wash it, and crush it up.  He then makes molds that can weigh up to hundreds of pounds, placed into the kilns so that he can pour the glass into it.  The next step he would consider to be nerve-racking since he has to be very cautious with the firing process because any mistakes can be detrimental.  After it is done, he would then have to break out the molds, which is not an easy process to do.

Such exquisite masterpiece that Shelley had shown us proves that anything can be turned into beautiful works of art; it just requires time, patient, and a whole lot of imagination to do.  Thank you Maccabee for sharing with us your beautiful works of art and to inspire us all.


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